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Make your wall stand out proud with our striking range of abstract and street art wall murals. Choose from unique interpretations of everyday sights and patterns, visualisations of popular culture, or graffiti style graphics to bring an uplifting, vibrant feel to any room. Your wallpaper will be custom printed and made to measure.


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200 Abstract Art Murals

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Times Square Abstract wallpaper mural
Times Square AbstractPrice from: £26/m2
Hip Hop Graffiti wall mural
Hip Hop GraffitiPrice from: £26/m2
Ink Splatter wallpaper mural
Ink SplatterPrice from: £26/m2
Graffiti Wall Art wallpaper mural
Graffiti Wall ArtPrice from: £26/m2
Grunge wallpaper mural
GrungePrice from: £26/m2
Muted Cubes wallpaper mural
Muted CubesPrice from: £30/m2
Fooling Around mural wallpaper
Fooling AroundPrice from: £30/m2
Stone Roses wallpaper mural
Stone RosesPrice from: £30/m2
Tiger Art mural wallpaper
Tiger ArtPrice from: £26/m2
Green Blue Purple Fluid wallpaper mural
Green Blue Purple FluidPrice from: £26/m2
Graffiti Love 2 mural wallpaper
Graffiti Love 2Price from: £30/m2
Rave Girl mural wallpaper
Rave GirlPrice from: £30/m2
Urban Graffiti Art wall mural
Urban Graffiti ArtPrice from: £26/m2
Graffiti mural wallpaper
GraffitiPrice from: £26/m2
Robot Closeup (2013) wall mural
Robot Closeup (2013)Price from: £30/m2
Abstract Women wallpaper mural
Abstract WomenPrice from: £26/m2
Colourful Ink in Water wall mural
Colourful Ink in WaterPrice from: £26/m2
Goddess wallpaper mural
GoddessPrice from: £26/m2
Default Protection Bot (2012) wallpaper mural
Twisted Pixels Montage (2014) wallpaper mural
Glow wall mural
GlowPrice from: £30/m2
Breach the Wall of Graffiti mural wallpaper
Breach the Wall of GraffitiPrice from: £26/m2
Underwater wall mural
UnderwaterPrice from: £30/m2
Happy Day wall mural
Happy DayPrice from: £30/m2
Graffiti - Street wallpaper mural
Graffiti - StreetPrice from: £26/m2
Square Street Art wall mural
Square Street ArtPrice from: £26/m2
Graffiti - Guitar wallpaper mural
Graffiti - GuitarPrice from: £26/m2
Johnny Cash mural wallpaper
Johnny CashPrice from: £30/m2
Red Ink In Water wall mural
Red Ink In WaterPrice from: £26/m2
Meditation wall mural
MeditationPrice from: £30/m2
Skateboarders wallpaper mural
SkateboardersPrice from: £30/m2
Jimi Hendrix wallpaper mural
Jimi HendrixPrice from: £30/m2
Dystopia mural wallpaper
DystopiaPrice from: £30/m2
Abstract Doodles wall mural
Abstract DoodlesPrice from: £26/m2
Abstract NY Times Square mural wallpaper
Abstract NY Times SquarePrice from: £26/m2
Fluid Rainbow wallpaper mural
Fluid RainbowPrice from: £26/m2
Graffiti - Urban wallpaper mural
Graffiti - UrbanPrice from: £26/m2
Graffiti Love 1 wall mural
Graffiti Love 1Price from: £30/m2
Shift mural wallpaper
ShiftPrice from: £30/m2
Shambhala wallpaper mural
ShambhalaPrice from: £30/m2
Graffiti Art wall mural
Graffiti ArtPrice from: £26/m2
Graffiti - Car Smash wallpaper mural
Graffiti - Car SmashPrice from: £26/m2
Skate wallpaper mural
SkatePrice from: £30/m2
Expressive Colours mural wallpaper
Expressive ColoursPrice from: £26/m2
Abstract Portrait wall mural
Abstract PortraitPrice from: £26/m2
Graffiti Urban Art mural wallpaper
Graffiti Urban ArtPrice from: £26/m2


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200 Abstract Art Murals

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