Turine Tran

Turine Tran Wall Mural Wallpaper

Turine Tran was born and grew up in Saigon, Vietnam. After beginning her art study in 2001, she pursued her life-long passion with illustration through a fantastic journey that lead from her hometown to Singapore; then a couple of years later, from Singapore to Paris. After that, she went from Paris to the city of Edinburgh, where she obtained a Masters of Art degree in Illustration from the prestigious Edinburgh College of Art.


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26 Turine Tran Murals

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Reaching mural wallpaper
ReachingPrice from: £30/m2
Red mural wallpaper
RedPrice from: £30/m2
Day Dreaming wall mural
Day DreamingPrice from: £30/m2
Gypsy Wagon wallpaper mural
Gypsy WagonPrice from: £30/m2
2 Drifters wall mural
2 DriftersPrice from: £30/m2
A Nap mural wallpaper
A NapPrice from: £30/m2
Blue Illustration wallpaper mural
Blue IllustrationPrice from: £30/m2
Born by a Tree mural wallpaper
Born by a TreePrice from: £30/m2
Castle in the Sky wall mural
Castle in the SkyPrice from: £30/m2
Cuppa mural wallpaper
CuppaPrice from: £30/m2
Forest Window wall mural
Forest WindowPrice from: £30/m2
Green Illustration mural wallpaper
Green IllustrationPrice from: £30/m2
I Love You Old Tree wall mural
I Love You Old TreePrice from: £30/m2
Kim's House wallpaper mural
Kim's HousePrice from: £30/m2
On the River Bank mural wallpaper
On the River BankPrice from: £30/m2
Original wall mural
OriginalPrice from: £30/m2
Philosophers wallpaper mural
PhilosophersPrice from: £30/m2
Snow Village wall mural
Snow Village Price from: £30/m2
The Day Sleeper wall mural
The Day SleeperPrice from: £30/m2
The Meadow wallpaper mural
The MeadowPrice from: £30/m2
The Story Teller mural wallpaper
The Story TellerPrice from: £30/m2
Those Good Old Summer Days wall mural
Those Good Old Summer DaysPrice from: £30/m2
Tree Babies wallpaper mural
Tree BabiesPrice from: £30/m2
Tree Lovers mural wallpaper
Tree LoversPrice from: £30/m2
Walk with Me wallpaper mural
Walk with MePrice from: £30/m2


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26 Turine Tran Murals

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