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Suzanne Singleton was born in the UK, and has had a passion for photography. In the mid ninties she worked as a portrait photographer for Olan Mills, and has had several commissions, and also won best photo for the New Forest National Park Association in spring 2015. In 2014 she decided to put together her own company, Photo Sync, so that she could concentrate on making her photographs.

Her collection on Wallsauce is from her gallery called the Light Collection. This depicts the connection made between light and life of everything around us; everything is connected through light.


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44 Suzanne Singleton Murals

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Light On The Right Path wallpaper mural
Light On The Right PathPrice from: £30/m2
Light Poppy Party mural wallpaper
Light Poppy PartyPrice from: £30/m2
Light Bright Greetings wall mural
Light Bright GreetingsPrice from: £30/m2
Light Float Boats wall mural
Light Float BoatsPrice from: £30/m2
Light Ancients mural wallpaper
Light AncientsPrice from: £30/m2
Light And Day Seaside Daisy wall mural
Light And Day Seaside DaisyPrice from: £30/m2
Light Autumn Trail wall mural
Light Autumn TrailPrice from: £30/m2
Light Avon Sunrise wallpaper mural
Light Avon SunrisePrice from: £30/m2
Light Balance mural wallpaper
Light BalancePrice from: £30/m2
Light Beech Forest mural wallpaper
Light Beech ForestPrice from: £30/m2
Light Bluebell Glade wall mural
Light Bluebell GladePrice from: £30/m2
Light Bluebells wallpaper mural
Light BluebellsPrice from: £30/m2
Light Bolders mural wallpaper
Light BoldersPrice from: £30/m2
Light Calm Drift wallpaper mural
Light Calm DriftPrice from: £30/m2
Light Confetti Fields wallpaper mural
Light Confetti FieldsPrice from: £30/m2
Light Dawn Break wallpaper mural
Light Dawn BreakPrice from: £30/m2
Light Deepening Shadows wall mural
Light Deepening ShadowsPrice from: £30/m2
Light Entanglement wallpaper mural
Light EntanglementPrice from: £30/m2
Light First Snow wallpaper mural
Light First SnowPrice from: £30/m2
Light Flats mural wallpaper
Light FlatsPrice from: £30/m2
Light Forest Deep mural wallpaper
Light Forest DeepPrice from: £30/m2
Light Forget Me Not Drops mural wallpaper
Light Forget Me Not DropsPrice from: £30/m2
Light Frost wall mural
Light FrostPrice from: £30/m2
Light Giants mural wallpaper
Light GiantsPrice from: £30/m2
Light Gifting Stump wall mural
Light Gifting StumpPrice from: £30/m2
Light Golden Autumn Beams wall mural
Light Golden Autumn BeamsPrice from: £30/m2
Light Gulls wallpaper mural
Light GullsPrice from: £30/m2
Light Happy Daisies mural wallpaper
Light Happy DaisiesPrice from: £30/m2
Light Hawk Glide wall mural
Light Hawk GlidePrice from: £30/m2
Light High Summer Sunset mural wallpaper
Light High Summer SunsetPrice from: £30/m2
Light Journey Home wallpaper mural
Light Journey HomePrice from: £30/m2
Light Misty Heath wall mural
Light Misty HeathPrice from: £30/m2
Light Misty Trees mural wallpaper
Light Misty TreesPrice from: £30/m2
Light New Day wall mural
Light New DayPrice from: £30/m2
Light Peek mural wallpaper
Light PeekPrice from: £30/m2
Light Rest wall mural
Light RestPrice from: £30/m2
Light Roots wallpaper mural
Light RootsPrice from: £30/m2
Light Seaspray mural wallpaper
Light SeasprayPrice from: £30/m2
Light Secret Spot wall mural
Light Secret SpotPrice from: £30/m2
Light Shadow Trees wallpaper mural
Light Shadow TreesPrice from: £30/m2
Light Shoreline mural wallpaper
Light ShorelinePrice from: £30/m2
Light Starflower wall mural
Light StarflowerPrice from: £30/m2
Light Stream Ambling wallpaper mural
Light Stream AmblingPrice from: £30/m2
Light Up mural wallpaper
Light UpPrice from: £30/m2


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44 Suzanne Singleton Murals

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