Simon Fetscher

Simon Fetscher Wall Mural Wallpaper

Simon is a concept artist from Gothenburg, Sweden, where he works as a freelancer in the entertainment industry.  He's been working on a number of smaller game titles and short films.

Wallsauce are incredibly pleased to collaborate with Simon and his fantastic images.


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43 Simon Fetscher Murals

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Big Game Ice Planet mural wallpaper
Big Game Ice PlanetPrice from: £30/m2
Snipers Nest mural wallpaper
Snipers NestPrice from: £30/m2
PO Lunar base 2 wallpaper mural
PO Lunar base 2Price from: £30/m2
Spire Planet mural wallpaper
Spire PlanetPrice from: £30/m2
Secure the Barn wallpaper mural
Secure the BarnPrice from: £30/m2
The Metropolis wall mural
The MetropolisPrice from: £30/m2
PO Lunar base wallpaper mural
PO Lunar basePrice from: £30/m2
Alien Spaceship wallpaper mural
Alien SpaceshipPrice from: £30/m2
Back Entrance mural wallpaper
Back EntrancePrice from: £30/m2
City Floor wallpaper mural
City FloorPrice from: £30/m2
Cold Morning wallpaper mural
Cold MorningPrice from: £30/m2
Crash Site wall mural
Crash SitePrice from: £30/m2
Desert Vehicle wallpaper mural
Desert VehiclePrice from: £30/m2
Dissys Energy mural wallpaper
Dissys EnergyPrice from: £30/m2
Dome factory wall mural
Dome factoryPrice from: £30/m2
Energy Cells mural wallpaper
Energy CellsPrice from: £30/m2
Fantasy Village wallpaper mural
Fantasy VillagePrice from: £30/m2
Flooded City wall mural
Flooded CityPrice from: £30/m2
Foreign Visitor mural wallpaper
Foreign VisitorPrice from: £30/m2
Foreign World Survey wall mural
Foreign World SurveyPrice from: £30/m2
Gloomy Cave wallpaper mural
Gloomy CavePrice from: £30/m2
Mineral Surface mural wallpaper
Mineral SurfacePrice from: £30/m2
Moody Forest wallpaper mural
Moody ForestPrice from: £30/m2
Moon Orbiter wall mural
Moon OrbiterPrice from: £30/m2
Night Rider wall mural
Night RiderPrice from: £30/m2
Outpost7 wall mural
Outpost7Price from: £30/m2
PO Bomber wallpaper mural
PO BomberPrice from: £30/m2
PO China Solar Cruiser mural wallpaper
PO China Solar CruiserPrice from: £30/m2
PO Chinese Pilots wall mural
PO Chinese PilotsPrice from: £30/m2
Power Plant wall mural
Power PlantPrice from: £30/m2
Power Plant 2 mural wallpaper
Power Plant 2Price from: £30/m2
Rainy Night wallpaper mural
Rainy NightPrice from: £30/m2
Salamandragon wallpaper mural
SalamandragonPrice from: £30/m2
Skeleton Cave wallpaper mural
Skeleton CavePrice from: £30/m2
Spacehip in Clouds wall mural
Spacehip in CloudsPrice from: £30/m2
Steller Energy Orbiter wall mural
Steller Energy OrbiterPrice from: £30/m2
Teleport Hub mural wallpaper
Teleport HubPrice from: £30/m2
Thunderbird wall mural
ThunderbirdPrice from: £30/m2
Toxic wallpaper mural
ToxicPrice from: £30/m2
Volunteer wallpaper mural
VolunteerPrice from: £30/m2
Volunteer 2 mural wallpaper
Volunteer 2Price from: £30/m2
Winter Patrol wall mural
Winter PatrolPrice from: £30/m2
Winter Recon mural wallpaper
Winter ReconPrice from: £30/m2


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43 Simon Fetscher Murals

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