Colin Thompson

Colin ThompsonWall Mural Wallpaper

Best known as a writer and illustrator of children’s books, Colin Thompsons illustrations are packed with imagination, fun and intrigue. With incredible levels of detail, his colourful fantasy designs will leave you transfixed on your wall mural for weeks to come!  


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Neverending Stories wall mural
Neverending StoriesPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Bookshelf wall mural
BookshelfPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Our House wall mural
Our HousePrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Back to Your Roots mural wallpaper
Back to Your RootsPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Flying Home wallpaper mural
Flying HomePrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Library wall mural
LibraryPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Around The World mural wallpaper
Around The WorldPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Babel mural wallpaper
BabelPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Big Red Box wallpaper mural
Big Red BoxPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Blue Willow wallpaper mural
Blue WillowPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Castles in the air wall mural
Castles in the airPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Christmas Stories wallpaper mural
Christmas StoriesPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Doors Closed wallpaper mural
Doors ClosedPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Doors Open wall mural
Doors OpenPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Dream On wall mural
Dream OnPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Grandad's Glovebox mural wallpaper
Grandad's GloveboxPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Grandfather's Chest wall mural
Grandfather's ChestPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Grandma's Treasure wallpaper mural
Grandma's TreasurePrice from: $5.57/sq ft
I Can See Our House From Here wall mural
I Can See Our House From HerePrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Kitchen Cupboard mural wallpaper
Kitchen CupboardPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Laboratory wallpaper mural
LaboratoryPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Lighthouse wall mural
LighthousePrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Long Way To The Top wallpaper mural
Long Way To The TopPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Lunch mural wallpaper
LunchPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Mars wall mural
MarsPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Moving Home wallpaper mural
Moving HomePrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Music Castle wallpaper mural
Music CastlePrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Norah's Ark mural wallpaper
Norah's ArkPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Oscar's Dream wallpaper mural
Oscar's DreamPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Our First World Tour wall mural
Our First World TourPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Our Town wall mural
Our TownPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Pepper Dreams wallpaper mural
Pepper DreamsPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Shelf Life wall mural
Shelf LifePrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Shroom Town mural wallpaper
Shroom TownPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
The Craft Cupboard mural wallpaper
The Craft CupboardPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
The Cupboard Under the Stairs mural wallpaper
The Cupboard Under the StairsPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
The Garden Cupboard mural wallpaper
The Garden CupboardPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
The Hideout mural wallpaper
The HideoutPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
The Inventor's Cupboard wallpaper mural
The Inventor's CupboardPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
The Kitchen wall mural
The KitchenPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
The Wall wallpaper mural
The WallPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Tomorrow's World wall mural
Tomorrow's WorldPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Too Loud mural wallpaper
Too LoudPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Treetown wallpaper mural
TreetownPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Up, Up and Away mural wallpaper
Up, Up and AwayPrice from: $5.57/sq ft
Yesterday's Treasure mural wallpaper
Yesterday's TreasurePrice from: $5.57/sq ft


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46 MuralsPage: 1 of 1
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