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abstract house by klimt wallpaper in open plan home

24 JUN 2015   POSTED BY

Stunning Gustav Klimt Wall Murals

Decorate your wall with a wall mural using some of the stunning artworks of Gustav Klimt, one of the most influential artists to come out of Austria.

Born in 1862, Klimt later enrolled in the Vienna Public Arts School as a 14 year old and was spotted as a talent from an early age. Identified as being ahead of his time, he was viewed by many as a controversial artist due to the perceived erotic nature of some of his works that seemed beyond acceptable for the last 19th Century / early 20th Century.

In the 1880’s Gustav and his brother Ernst and Franz Matsch worked together producing works for Theatres, Churches and Museums. In 1891, Klimt enrols in the Co-operative Society of Austrian Artists but by 1897 started feeling that his popularity was taking a turn for the worse. At this point he begins the secession movement, with a real focus on young artist talent. As success grew he became the dominant driving force of this movement, which was the most popular in Austria through the first years of the 20th Century. After leaving the Succession Movement in 1905, Klimt creates the works, Danae and The Kiss, which pushed the boundaries of the time with their depictions of male and female sexuality.

During his later years much of his worked followed this same path and not until after his death in 1918, was Gustav Klimt’s work, far more widely accepted. Many of his works are now seen as some of the very best to have ever come out of Vienna.

Taking images to a scale beyond just a large print is something that wallsauce.com do every day. With some of Gustav Klimt’s works forming part of the wonderful Bridgeman image archive, we have the opportunity to create full wall murals for fans of his stunning artworks. 

To view all our Gustav Klimt Wall Murals

Example Klimt 'made to measure' wall murals Include: 

Country House by The Attersee, c1914 (Oil on Canvas)

The Kiss 1907-08 (oil on Canvas) 

golden toned The Kiss wallpaper in trendy bar

The Birch Wood, 1903 (Oil on Canvas)

birch wood artwork by klimt wallpaper in open plan home

Water Serpents I, 1904-07 (Oil on Canvas)

klimt artwork wallpaper in dining room

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