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Wall mural ideas for the gym

Posted by Nazma Noor

Getting the right inspiration is imperative in enjoying the best results from the gym. Whether you have a home gym or run an independent one, having the outcomes you want from exercise, and pushing yourself, are key in achieving the ultimate fitness experience.

Wall murals are a great way to liven up a space and give you the chance to add inspirational imagery to hit your goals. Used throughout home, office and retail, they can be used to serve a number of purposes.

Take a look through our examples of powerful and motivational wall murals that are sure to get the blood pumping in your gym.

Boxing wall mural

Get inspired as you look into this image of a backstreet boxing gym. This image of a lone trainer using a punching bag in the breaking sunlight is sure to get you moving as you go in search of your fitness peak.

Boxing Gym Wall Mural

Scaling the mountain wall mural

Making your way to the summit takes time when it comes to personal fitness. This image of mountaineers reaching their peak above the clouds is sure to inspire you to push that bit harder during your workout. Anything is possible with hard work, and that’s what this shows.

On Top of The Mountain

Calming Kendo wall mural

Not all training is created equal, and while most look to blood, sweat and tears as the target on their route, you can find peace with calmer exercises too. Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art using bamboo swords; it is physically challenging as well as being a mental activity. This mural will give your gym a calm, concentrated ambience to help you focus your training efforts.

Kendo Dojo Wallpaper Mural

Inspirational quote wall mural

Allow yourself to get added motivation from famous quotes that will push you to go that extra mile. This custom wall mural which we created is filled with inspirational words next to a picture of someone running on a dirt track; just reading “success trains, failure complains!” will give you that added boost that you need during training.

Motivational Wallpaper Mural

Fitness success wall mural

Another example from a real customer wall mural. Imagine the feeling of reaching your targets with the help of this evocative image.

Gym Bodybuilder wall mural

Winter sports wall mural

If you love your winter sports then this snowboarding image is sure to get you in the mood for the gym. Just imagine yourself enjoying the soft snow of the Alps as you push to improve your fitness and prepare to hot the slopes on your snowboard or skis.

winter sports mural

Cityscape landscape wall mural

Success in life can be channelled to help you press for the ultimate goal at the gym. This wall mural features visions of the Toronto night skyline to give you added impetus to hit your targets on the treadmill. We have plenty of other cityscape wall murals to choose from, so you can dream big as you exercise. Maybe you’ll even plan yourself a celebratory visit to one of these amazing cities whilst you’re at it?

city gym

Glorious beach scene with crystal waters

If cities aren’t your bag then how about training on a stunning empty beach in Ibiza? You might be on operation ‘beach bod’ for a summer holiday with friends or just enjoy dreaming of the golden sands when working out. Whichever it is, you can’t help but be inspired by this wonderful mural. 

ibiza mural

Everybody has their own individual training and exercise style, from people who prefer to work out in the solitary comfort of their own home, to those who love to show off their progress with others in a gym. Whatever it takes to give you that “get up and go”, we’re sure to have a mural to suit your mood. View our range of sports wall murals here and have a browse of all out other wall mural options here.

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