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Faux stone wall mural from Wallsauce

26 APR 2019      POSTIDO POR

How to make your decor look more expensive

Upgrade your decor without breaking the bank by using these 6 tips for making your interiors look more expensive than it actually is.


1. Pick materials carefully

Silk, lace embellishments, marble, stone… certain materials imply luxury, but you don’t actually have to spend a lot to use them in your home. Use faux furs, velvets and suedes on large and small items of furniture to incorporate these materials into your decor. A great way to instantly add that sense of luxury into your home is with a faux surface wallpaper. You can create the look of an expensive stone build or a wooden feature wall with a wall mural.

Mural in picture: Charcol Grey Stone Wall


2. Start in the living room

Budget is often the most limiting factor when looking to decorate the whole house. It would be wonderful to have that pristine new bathroom, marble top kitchen surfaces and new flooring in the hallway but home improvements take time. The living room is the place that will be visited by most guests and the place that you will spend most of your time, so it just makes sense to start here first. Try adding your luxurious touches to this space before anywhere else.

Windwept beach boradwalk wall mural

Mural in picture: Windswept Beach Boardwalk


3. Use art

A large piece of art is one of the most sought after luxuries for the home. Our collection of fine art supplied by the Bridgeman Art Library is available as wall murals to add the charm of classic artists including Gustav Klimt, Edgar Degas and Carl Larsson to your home.

A Road in St. Remy with Female Figures 1889 oil on canvas by Vincent Van Gogh


4. Use books

Nothing says luxury like a rich library full of books. This wallpaper will create the look of an expensive bookcase containing colourful, hardback books in your home. This range of bookcase wall murals is available in different woods and colours.

Natural bookcase wall mural from wallsauce

Mural em imagem Estante Natural


5. A room that appears larger than it is

Grande espaço e luxo andam de mãos dadas Create the illusion of more space in your home com uma imagem de túnel ou passadiço que estende o aspecto do seu quarto. Use contra paredes planas para o máximo impacto.

Italian Landscape wall mural from Wallsauce

Mural in picture: Campo Italiano


6. Keep everything shiny!

It’s amazing how much of a difference keeping your furniture, walls and floor immaculately clean can make. Keep any table tops free of junk and try not to clutter up surfaces with too much stuff.

Ancient worl map wall mural from Wallsauce

Mural in picture: Ancient Map Wall Mural


Do you have any tips for a budget upgrade? Share them below in the comments section, we’d love to hear more tips!


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