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Our contemporary patterned wallpaper is perfect for a fabulous and stylish feature wall. Available for walls of any size, brighten up your walls today.

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Fooling Around mural wallpaper
Fooling AroundPrice from: $69/m2
Muted Cubes wallpaper mural
Muted CubesPrice from: $69/m2
Mondrian wall mural
MondrianPrice from: $60/m2
Glow wall mural
GlowPrice from: $69/m2
Underwater wall mural
UnderwaterPrice from: $69/m2
Happy Day wall mural
Happy DayPrice from: $69/m2
Shift mural wallpaper
ShiftPrice from: $69/m2
Meditation wall mural
MeditationPrice from: $69/m2
Floral Pattern - Grey mural wallpaper
Floral Pattern - GreyPrice from: $60/m2
Shambhala wallpaper mural
ShambhalaPrice from: $69/m2
Joyful wallpaper mural
JoyfulPrice from: $69/m2
Damask - Green mural wallpaper
Damask - GreenPrice from: $60/m2
Dreamland Blue mural wallpaper
Dreamland BluePrice from: $69/m2
Floral wall mural
FloralPrice from: $60/m2
Blue Cubism mural wallpaper
Blue CubismPrice from: $60/m2
Dreamland Orange wallpaper mural
Dreamland OrangePrice from: $69/m2
Floral Birds wall mural
Floral BirdsPrice from: $60/m2
Mottled wall mural
MottledPrice from: $60/m2
Floral - Black and Blue mural wallpaper
Floral - Black and BluePrice from: $60/m2
Serenity wall mural
SerenityPrice from: $69/m2
Kolibri wall mural
KolibriPrice from: $69/m2
Intuition mural wallpaper
IntuitionPrice from: $69/m2
Organic mural wallpaper
OrganicPrice from: $69/m2
Bloom wallpaper mural
BloomPrice from: $69/m2
Winter Trend mural wallpaper
Winter TrendPrice from: $69/m2
Argyle mural wallpaper
ArgylePrice from: $60/m2
Picasso - Cubism Abstract mural wallpaper
Picasso - Cubism AbstractPrice from: $60/m2
Autumn Trend wallpaper mural
Autumn TrendPrice from: $69/m2
Beach mural wallpaper
BeachPrice from: $69/m2
Blobs of Colour wallpaper mural
Blobs of ColourPrice from: $60/m2
Butterflies wallpaper mural
ButterfliesPrice from: $60/m2
Cats mural wallpaper
CatsPrice from: $60/m2
Center Of Mobius Blue mural wallpaper
Center Of Mobius BluePrice from: $69/m2
Center Of Mobius Mauve wallpaper mural
Center Of Mobius MauvePrice from: $69/m2
Center Of Mobius Purple wall mural
Center Of Mobius PurplePrice from: $69/m2
Center Of Mobius Red mural wallpaper
Center Of Mobius RedPrice from: $69/m2
Circles - Blue and Orange wallpaper mural
Circles - Blue and OrangePrice from: $60/m2
Circles - Colourful Pinks mural wallpaper
Circles - Colourful PinksPrice from: $60/m2
Circles - Ethnic wallpaper mural
Circles - EthnicPrice from: $60/m2
Circles - Red and Pink wallpaper mural
Circles - Red and PinkPrice from: $60/m2
Circles and Triangles wall mural
Circles and TrianglesPrice from: $60/m2
Circles Sequence wall mural
Circles SequencePrice from: $60/m2
Cold Green wall mural
Cold GreenPrice from: $69/m2
Colour Web wallpaper mural
Colour WebPrice from: $69/m2
Coloured Lines wallpaper mural
Coloured LinesPrice from: $69/m2
Contemplation wallpaper mural
ContemplationPrice from: $69/m2
Damask wallpaper mural
Damask Price from: $60/m2
Damask - Black wallpaper mural
Damask - BlackPrice from: $60/m2


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100 MuralsPage: 1 of 3
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