Philip Straub

Philip StraubWall Mural Wallpaper

For over 20 years Philip Straub has been working as an Art Director, Illustrator, Concept Artist, and Author in the entertainment and publishing industries. Philip's award winning work has appeared in over 30 children's books, he has created cover art for dozens of books spanning a variety of genres, and is the creator of the acclaimed Utherworlds illustrated novel. Philip's work is highly collected and can be seen on a variety of licensed products around the world.


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Hidden Treasure mural wallpaper
Hidden TreasurePrice from: $69/m2
Cohabitations wall mural
CohabitationsPrice from: $69/m2
Winter Dawn wallpaper mural
Winter DawnPrice from: $69/m2
A Winter Wonderland wall mural
A Winter WonderlandPrice from: $69/m2
Enchanted Forest mural wallpaper
Enchanted ForestPrice from: $69/m2
Unohla wall mural
Unohla Price from: $69/m2
Sosheskaz Falls mural wallpaper
Sosheskaz FallsPrice from: $69/m2
Meet the Imaginaries wallpaper mural
Meet the ImaginariesPrice from: $69/m2
Rainforest mural wallpaper
RainforestPrice from: $69/m2
Illuminations wallpaper mural
IlluminationsPrice from: $69/m2
Circle of Satori wallpaper mural
Circle of SatoriPrice from: $69/m2
Great North Road wall mural
Great North RoadPrice from: $69/m2
Truth mural wallpaper
TruthPrice from: $69/m2
Where Fears Roam wallpaper mural
Where Fears RoamPrice from: $69/m2
Enchanted Evening wallpaper mural
Enchanted EveningPrice from: $69/m2
Night City wallpaper mural
Night CityPrice from: $69/m2
Christmas Town wall mural
Christmas TownPrice from: $69/m2
Dragonstone mural wallpaper
DragonstonePrice from: $69/m2
Afternoon Light wall mural
Afternoon LightPrice from: $69/m2
Before the Rain mural wallpaper
Before the RainPrice from: $69/m2
Coming Home mural wallpaper
Coming HomePrice from: $69/m2
Infinite Oz wallpaper mural
Infinite OzPrice from: $69/m2
Metropolis wall mural
MetropolisPrice from: $69/m2
Ooulana wallpaper mural
OoulanaPrice from: $69/m2
Passage to Hope wall mural
Passage to HopePrice from: $69/m2
Rebirth mural wallpaper
RebirthPrice from: $69/m2
Silent Morning wall mural
Silent MorningPrice from: $69/m2
Stargazer wallpaper mural
StargazerPrice from: $69/m2
The Arrival wall mural
The ArrivalPrice from: $69/m2
Winter mural wallpaper
WinterPrice from: $69/m2


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31 MuralsPage: 1 of 1
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