Trevor Mitchell

Trevor MitchellWall Mural Wallpaper

After attending Bradford Art College, Trevor began his career as an art director at a London advertising agency in 1979. After a few years he returned to his native West Yorkshire and went freelance in 1986. Illustrating for greeting card publishers rekindled his childhood love of painting and his images are now used on jigsaw puzzles, calendars and now wall murals.

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The Village High Street wallpaper mural
The Village High StreetPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Full Steam Ahead wallpaper mural
Full Steam AheadPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Brighton Cafe Interior wallpaper mural
Brighton Cafe InteriorPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Letters for the Greengrocer mural wallpaper
Letters for the GreengrocerPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Funfair on the Green mural wallpaper
Funfair on the GreenPrice from: 401 kr/m2
The Sweet Shop mural wallpaper
The Sweet ShopPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Market Day wall mural
Market DayPrice from: 401 kr/m2
The Village Garage wall mural
The Village GaragePrice from: 401 kr/m2
The Park Playground wallpaper mural
The Park PlaygroundPrice from: 401 kr/m2
The Village Bakery wallpaper mural
The Village BakeryPrice from: 401 kr/m2
The Post Office wall mural
The Post OfficePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Brighton Cafe Exterior wall mural
Brighton Cafe ExteriorPrice from: 401 kr/m2
'Rag n' Bone!' mural wallpaper
'Rag n' Bone!'Price from: 401 kr/m2
30's Scene wall mural
30's ScenePrice from: 401 kr/m2
40's Scene wallpaper mural
40's ScenePrice from: 401 kr/m2
50's Scene mural wallpaper
50's ScenePrice from: 401 kr/m2
60's Scene wall mural
60's ScenePrice from: 401 kr/m2
At the Picnic Spot wall mural
At the Picnic SpotPrice from: 401 kr/m2
At The Station wallpaper mural
At The StationPrice from: 401 kr/m2
At The Vicarage mural wallpaper
At The VicaragePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Autumn Term wallpaper mural
Autumn TermPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Baker's Delivery mural wallpaper
Baker's DeliveryPrice from: 401 kr/m2
By The Brook mural wallpaper
By The BrookPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Cards For A Birthday Girl wall mural
Cards For A Birthday GirlPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Christmas wallpaper mural
ChristmasPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Cowboys and Indians mural wallpaper
Cowboys and IndiansPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Delivering A Christmas Parcel wall mural
Delivering A Christmas ParcelPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Giving Directions wall mural
Giving DirectionsPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Letters for the Blacksmith wallpaper mural
Letters for the BlacksmithPrice from: 401 kr/m2
May Day wallpaper mural
May DayPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Milking Time mural wallpaper
Milking TimePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Open All Hours wall mural
Open All HoursPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Parcel For Canal Cottage wallpaper mural
Parcel For Canal CottagePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Penny for the Guy mural wallpaper
Penny for the GuyPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Petting The Horse wall mural
Petting The HorsePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Post for the Farm wallpaper mural
Post for the FarmPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Returning A Stray Calf mural wallpaper
Returning A Stray CalfPrice from: 401 kr/m2
School Sports Day wall mural
School Sports DayPrice from: 401 kr/m2
St Pancras in the 50's wall mural
St Pancras in the 50'sPrice from: 401 kr/m2
Summer Fete wallpaper mural
Summer FetePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Sunday Service mural wallpaper
Sunday ServicePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Terminus wall mural
TerminusPrice from: 401 kr/m2
The Bus Conductress wallpaper mural
The Bus ConductressPrice from: 401 kr/m2
The Coalman mural wallpaper
The CoalmanPrice from: 401 kr/m2
The Corner Shop wall mural
The Corner ShopPrice from: 401 kr/m2
The Journey wallpaper mural
The JourneyPrice from: 401 kr/m2
The Market Place mural wallpaper
The Market PlacePrice from: 401 kr/m2
The Market Square wall mural
The Market SquarePrice from: 401 kr/m2


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56 MuralsPage: 1 of 2
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