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Children's wallpaper murals for bedrooms and games rooms. Exciting made to measure wallpaper ideas for boys and girls. Available any size you need, our children's wall murals include free UK delivery!

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Hidden Treasure mural wallpaper
Hidden TreasurePrice from: €43/m2
Kings of the Beach wall mural
Kings of the BeachPrice from: €37/m2
Animals In the Jungle wallpaper mural
Animals In the JunglePrice from: €37/m2
Winter Dawn wallpaper mural
Winter DawnPrice from: €43/m2
Pirates wall mural
PiratesPrice from: €37/m2
A Winter Wonderland wall mural
A Winter WonderlandPrice from: €43/m2
The Astronaut wallpaper mural
The AstronautPrice from: €37/m2
Wee Rex wall mural
Wee RexPrice from: €43/m2
Tiger Lily wall mural
Tiger LilyPrice from: €43/m2
Lego Effect mural wallpaper
Lego EffectPrice from: €37/m2
Enchanted Forest mural wallpaper
Enchanted ForestPrice from: €43/m2
Brave Knight, Castle and Dragon wall mural
Underwater World wall mural
Underwater WorldPrice from: €37/m2
Colourful Solar System wall mural
Colourful Solar SystemPrice from: €37/m2
Space Shuttle wallpaper mural
Space ShuttlePrice from: €37/m2
Sunken Pirate Ship mural wallpaper
Sunken Pirate ShipPrice from: €37/m2
Mammals mural wallpaper
MammalsPrice from: €43/m2
Pirate Island and Volcano wallpaper mural
Pirate Island and VolcanoPrice from: €37/m2
The Fairy Tales wallpaper mural
The Fairy TalesPrice from: €37/m2
Kids Spaceship wall mural
Kids SpaceshipPrice from: €37/m2
Pencil Pattern mural wallpaper
Pencil PatternPrice from: €37/m2
Fun Dinosaurs mural wallpaper
Fun DinosaursPrice from: €37/m2
Princess in Enchanted Woodland wallpaper mural
Princess in Enchanted WoodlandPrice from: €37/m2
Cartoon Map of London mural wallpaper
Cartoon Map of LondonPrice from: €37/m2
Colourful London wall mural
Colourful London Price from: €37/m2
Cartoon Road wall mural
Cartoon RoadPrice from: €37/m2
Unicorn Path wallpaper mural
Unicorn PathPrice from: €37/m2
Ocean Life wall mural
Ocean LifePrice from: €43/m2
Horses in Snow wall mural
Horses in SnowPrice from: €37/m2
Colourful cars mural wallpaper
Colourful carsPrice from: €37/m2
Meet the Imaginaries wallpaper mural
Meet the ImaginariesPrice from: €43/m2
Cute bugs mural wallpaper
Cute bugsPrice from: €37/m2
Treasure Island Sunset mural wallpaper
Treasure Island SunsetPrice from: €37/m2
Birds and Forest mural wallpaper
Birds and ForestPrice from: €37/m2
Two Owls wallpaper mural
Two OwlsPrice from: €37/m2
Reaching mural wallpaper
ReachingPrice from: €43/m2
Lego Tetris Effect wall mural
Lego Tetris EffectPrice from: €37/m2
Spaceship in snow planet wallpaper mural
Spaceship in snow planetPrice from: €37/m2
White Tigers wallpaper mural
White TigersPrice from: €43/m2
Farm Animals wall mural
Farm AnimalsPrice from: €37/m2
Country Farm mural wallpaper
Country FarmPrice from: €37/m2
Alien Planet and Space Ships wall mural
Alien Planet and Space ShipsPrice from: €37/m2
Cartoon Rocket wall mural
Cartoon RocketPrice from: €37/m2
Space Shuttle Orbiting Earth wallpaper mural
Space Shuttle Orbiting EarthPrice from: €37/m2
La Ferrari wallpaper mural
La Ferrari Price from: €43/m2
Complete Solar System mural wallpaper
Complete Solar SystemPrice from: €37/m2
Sea Creatures mural wallpaper
Sea CreaturesPrice from: €37/m2


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259 MuralsPage: 1 of 6
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