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12 JUN 2013   POSTED BY

Fine Art - Your Passion and Ours

At one time appreciating a great piece of art at it's original scale was restricted to visiting the gallery or museum that housed it. These days, if you want to see old masters at a large scale this no longer needs to be the case. Here at Wallsauce.com, we have sourced an extensive range of classic fine art murals from some of the world’s greatest ever artists.

Take for example, Vincent Van Gogh’s sumptuous 1889 masterpiece “Field with Poppies”.  Created in the final year of the post-impressionist Dutch Master’s life, it is the perfect example of his ability capture light and shadow. The delicate brush strokes of Van Gogh’s finest work are evidenced in this emotional piece.

Produced on the highest quality paper or repositionable fabric material, this painting could provide a stunning centrepiece to your chosen environment.

In addition to Van Gogh, Wallsauce.com offer 1000’s of options in our Fine Art range, thanks to working with The Bridgeman Art Library. Whether you’re a fan of Charles Turner’s watercolour creations of naval history, or Tiziano Vecelli’s (also known as Titian) Renaissance era capture of “The Death of Actaeon”, we are confident we have the right piece for you.

Even if you have a penchant for traditional portrait, Wallsauce.com has some of the best works by Titian (La Schiavona), George Stubbs (Portrait of a Jockey) and Michelangelo Caravaggio (St John The Baptist).

Utilising revolutionary paste, fabric and paper technology, Wallsauce.com products are easy to hang and install. Whether you choose our high quality HP paper or our self-adhesive/repositionable option, we really believe that you will be happy with the result.

The Wallsauce.com paper option is odourless and PVC free and gives a high quality, ultra smooth finish. The paper can be wiped clean, and is suitable for home or commercial use. The result is a long lasting, colourful mural printed and sized to your requirements.

Our fabric option does not even require paste. It is self adhesive and therefore can be used on a wide range of surfaces. The beauty of this material is that it can be removed and repositioned dozens of times without damaging the material or the surface.

Both our papers and fabrics use environmentally friendly inks, are UV resistant and are fully biodegradable.      

If fine art is your passion, then a giant Wallsauce.com wall mural is the ultimate way to experience your favourite works at home!

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