Nick Jackson

Nick JacksonWall Mural Wallpaper

Nick Jackson is an award winning Lancashire-born photographer based in London. He specialises in landscape and nature photography captured in his native UK and on his travels abroad.

Much of his work utilises High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. HDR imaging allows for a more dramatic contrast within the lightest and darkest elements of a frame, resulting in a more intense image with a near surrealism whilst staying true to its subject.

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Be What You Want to Be wallpaper mural
Be What You Want to BePrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Light trails up The Thames mural wallpaper
Light trails up The ThamesPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Raindrops on Cherry Blossom wallpaper mural
Raindrops on Cherry BlossomPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Richmond Park Stag wall mural
Richmond Park StagPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
The Tulip Staircase, Greenwich wallpaper mural
The Tulip Staircase, GreenwichPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Girl photographing Brooklyn Bridge wall mural
Girl photographing Brooklyn BridgePrice from: $6.32/sq ft
A time for reflection mural wallpaper
A time for reflectionPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
The Dark Hedges of County Antrim wall mural
The Dark Hedges of County AntrimPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Plane over Battersea Power Station mural wallpaper
Plane over Battersea Power StationPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
The Painted Hall, Greenwich wall mural
The Painted Hall, GreenwichPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Tourists in Trafalgar Square mural wallpaper
Tourists in Trafalgar SquarePrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Purple Skies Over the Eiffel Tower wall mural
Purple Skies Over the Eiffel TowerPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Grand Central Station, New York wallpaper mural
Grand Central Station, New YorkPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Graffiti Montage mural wallpaper
Graffiti MontagePrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Stag at Sunrise wallpaper mural
Stag at SunrisePrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Guarded by the Lion wallpaper mural
Guarded by the LionPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Resting Ugandan lion wallpaper mural
Resting Ugandan lionPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
The bridge to St Paul's wall mural
The bridge to St Paul'sPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Arashiama Bamboo Forest wallpaper mural
Arashiama Bamboo ForestPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
New Forest Sunset wall mural
New Forest SunsetPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Above the City wall mural
Above the CityPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Asakura Temple, Tokyo mural wallpaper
Asakura Temple, TokyoPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Asakusa Temple at Night, Tokyo wall mural
Asakusa Temple at Night, TokyoPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Autumn Trees wallpaper mural
Autumn TreesPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Birds in a line mural wallpaper
Birds in a linePrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Brighton Bandstand wall mural
Brighton BandstandPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Budapest's Chain Bridge wall mural
Budapest's Chain BridgePrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Cairo Sunset wall mural
Cairo SunsetPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Camel Rider Surveys the Desert wallpaper mural
Camel Rider Surveys the DesertPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Cash Doesn't Always Wear Black wall mural
Cash Doesn't Always Wear BlackPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Children Climbing The Great Pyramid mural wallpaper
Christmas fairground wallpaper mural
Christmas fairgroundPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Cloudy Day on Giant's Causeway wallpaper mural
Cloudy Day on Giant's CausewayPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Colourful Waterlily mural wallpaper
Colourful WaterlilyPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Corniglia on the Cliffs wall mural
Corniglia on the CliffsPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Costa Rican Hummingbird wall mural
Costa Rican HummingbirdPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Covent Garden Christmas mural wallpaper
Covent Garden ChristmasPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Covent Garden Christmas Baubles wallpaper mural
Covent Garden Christmas BaublesPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Curious lion cubs wall mural
Curious lion cubsPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland mural wallpaper
Dunluce Castle, Northern IrelandPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Early morning cobweb wallpaper mural
Early morning cobwebPrice from: $6.32/sq ft
Egyptian Man on Donkey wallpaper mural
Egyptian Man on DonkeyPrice from: $6.32/sq ft


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121 MuralsPage: 1 of 3
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