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Wallsauce teams up with World of Superheroes.com

Posted by Tony Fairhurst

I often find myself looking for cool sites, and information about whats happening with my favourite movies, comics and games. There are some pretty decent sites out there, but nothing comes close to World of Superheroes, these guys really know the score, and have the inside information on whats coming soon and what happening with the world of comics and sci-fi. 

From valuing rare and collectable comic books, to the inside track on whats coming in the next movie releases or who's lined up to be the next comic book artist in the upcoming D.C. New 52 series, these guys know it all. Here's a snap of Steve Eyre World of Superheroes head honcho, with a rare copy of the Avengers Number 1

So your thinking, these guys sound pretty cool. Well it gets better!!!!! They also have some of the coolest prizes and giveaways you could imagine and not just any old stuff.........check this out, a signed Batman print by Batman creator Bob Kane..... legend. 

Click here if you fancy the chance to win: Bob Kane signed Batman Print

Wallsauce and world of superhereos have teamed up to offer even more coolness to the comic and sci-fi fan. Watch out for more coming soon, including limited edition signed wall murals and prints. Holly Cow!

Update: Please note that our collaboration with World of Superheros has now ended and that the products are no longer available. Please head to our fantasy and sci-fi wall mural collection for similar products. 

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