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Retro Wallpaper for 60s and 70s Home Decor

Posted by Paula Counsell

If you’re looking to create a 1960s or 1970s themed home, a retro wallpaper mural will really help to shape the look of your decor. With the right wallpaper, you will only need to include a few more retro home accessories to complete your look! Below we’ve listed five of our favourite retro wallpaper murals to help create your retro theme.



Pop Art Wallpaper


These pop art wallpaper murals are a great way to bring in a vibrant retro theme to your home. From bright word art to retro romance, you’ll find plenty of retro wallpaper inspired by the pop art era in this collection.


Shop Pop Art Wallpaper here.



Campervan Wallpaper


Take your home back to the days of peace and love with a VW Campervan wallpaper mural. Choose from campervan photography, illustrations and paintings, black and white images and more!


Campervan retro wallpaper

Shop Campervan Wallpaper here.



Bold Pattern Retro Wallpaper


Create an unmistakable, striking retro vibe with these retro wallpapers from our Greg Mably designer collection. They feature bright colours, bold patterns and ooze retro allover.


Greg Mably Retro Wallpaper

Shop Greg Mably Collection here.



Hollywood Idols Wallpaper


What better way to bring in a retro theme than by celebrating the stars of the era? Choose from some of the greatest Hollywood stars to hang as wallpaper in your home.


Shop Hollywood Retro Wallpaper here.



Abstract Pattern Wallpaper


This range of abstract pattern retro wallpaper is the ultimate way to bring a retro, yet stylish look to your home. Choose from repeat patterns, geometric shapes and even optical illusions.


Optical Illusion Retro Wallpaper

Shop Abstract Pattern Wallpaper here.


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