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[Trend Alert] Mind Blowing Optical Illusion Decorations

Posted by Nicole Yeardley


No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, the latest interior design trend for this year is optical illusion prints. Spinning off from the much loved geometric trend, optical illusion prints aren’t for the faint-hearted. 

In interior design, optical illusions aren’t just a work of art. They can add depth perception to a room lacking in space or balance any awkward proportions.These clever patterns are formed to mislead our brains as they struggle to process the information our eyes release. 

To keep an edge to the optical illusion patterns, we’re seeing them printed on wallpapers, fabrics and ceramics in the ever so stylish, monochrome. Depending on how bold you’re feeling, we’ve found some of this season’s must-have monochrome accessories that will blow your mind.


Introducing an Optical Illusion to your Home Décor 

Grab this trend by the horns and opt for statement monochrome wallpaper. We’ve chosen our ‘Antwerp Staircase’ mural as it shares a great combination of both an optical illusion with geometric shapes in monochrome.


Antwerp Staircase mural at Wallsauce.com

Team this mural with a simple light shade like this fascinating illusive one from notonthehighstreet.com and see it pick out the lighter tones in the mural.

Round Lampshade Cosmo Smartylamp
by Smart decor


Get Lost - Hypnotising Home Décor 

For a room begging to have a focal point, we’ve chosen our ‘Abstract Spiral’ wallpaper. This print draws the eye in, grabbing attention from elsewhere in the room. It also creates adventure, stimulating questions of where the spiral could take you.


Abstract Spiral mural at Wallsauce.com

To go alongside our ‘Abstract Spiral’ wallpaper, Zazzle.co.uk have stocked some fabulous illusionary cushions! They’re also great for sampling the hot trend if you’re not ready for the masterpiece.

Optical Illusion Throw Pillow
Optical Illusion Throw Pillow
optical illusion throw pillow black_white no2
Optical Illusion Throw Pillow Black_White No2
by Pillows4u
Trippy Black White Optical Pattern Cushion
Trippy Black White Optical Pattern Cushion

Subtle Hints of Illusion

Don't get the wrong impression of this trend, it doesn't have to be brash and hypnotic. Take our 'Tulip Staircase' mural by Nick Jackson. His photograph captures the beauty of one of the original features in the Queen's House from an abstract angle. The spirals of the staircase with the bold focus point are what create the optical illusion, but the shading on the steps and the tulip handrail soften the image, creating a somewhat romantic mural.

The Tulip Staircase mural by Nick Jackson at Wallsauce.com
To learn more about this year’s interior trends, head to our blog post featuring six simple ways to be on trend in 2017. Let us know what you think about incorporating optical illusions in your décor in the reply box below



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