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22 SEP 2017   POSTED BY

Introducing our Latest Designer Wallpapers

Our collection of designer wallpapers is forever growing. From world, renowned photographers capturing breathtaking sceneries to highly demanded illustrators bringing pattern and colour to your rooms, our vast range of designer wallpaper showcases a huge range of talent.

What’s special about our designer wallpaper collection, is that many of our artists are exclusive to Wallsauce.com. Sourced from around the world, each artist has a unique flare, creating a vast collection of wallpaper to suit many styles.

Over the last month or so, we’ve welcomed three new artists to the collection to adorn your walls in their spectacular designs. On board, we have Marc Pasternack showcasing his vivid circular patterned wallpaper that you may have already spotted in our blog post ‘Fresh New Wallpaper Murals You Don’t Want to Miss’. Tigerfeet and Twig have also kindly shared their floral-patterned designs and retro prints, along with Mike Labriola who has given us access to his Picasso-esque digital creations.

With such diversity, these three new designers alone can transform any room from your daughter’s bedroom to your restaurant's dining area. Here’s a little bio on each of our new designers, along with how you can use their collections in your home or workplace.


Marc Pasternack and his Circular Patterned Wallpaper

Inspired when on a trip to a Buddhist Monastery in India, Marc Pasternack has created stunning works of art influenced by spinning prayer wheels. Available in an array of vibrant colours, Pasternack's collection of wallpaper strives from a diverse range of yellows and oranges to purples and pinks. 


To uplift your office, opt for Pasternack’s ‘Humor’ wall mural. It features bold oranges and greens to bring colour and life into your space. For teenage bedrooms, opt for his ‘Awakening’ wall mural or ‘Openess’ wall murals. They’re both great for creating a feature wall and bridge the gap between teenage years and adulthood.



Tigerfeet and Twig and their Floral and Retro Wallpaper

Established over 30 years ago, Tigerfeet and Twig have been busy designing colourful floral and retro patterns for a variety of items from apparel fashion and swimwear to stationery and homewear.

From their beautiful collection, Tigerfeet and Twig have given us access to fun, floral patterned wallpaper - great for girly bedrooms - and navy-based retro designs, ideal for sleek, grown up spaces.


Explore Tigerfeet and Twig’s full range of designer wallpapers and see how they can transform any room in your home.



Picasso-Esque Designer Wallpaper by Mike Labriola

Welcoming our latest designer to Wallsauce.com, Mike Labriola. Mike describes himself as a ‘creative genius’, producing digitalised psychedelic patterns that have a hint of Picasso to them. Mike’s collection of designer wallpaper consists of eight unique designs, ready to transform spaces. 


Due to his bold designs and dark colours, Mike’s designs are particularly striking for commercial settings. 


To keep up to date with our up and coming designer wallpapers, keep an eye on our blog or sign up for our newsletters below. 

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