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Bring the Magic home - Harry Potter Wallpaper Murals exclusively from Wallsauce

Posted by Tony

Harry Potter is a global phenomenon and one of the greatest fantasy stories ever. First a book, then a movie, but in very close succession, the story came to the big screen very soon after J K Rowling had let in the ink dry. Some of the most memorable imagery from any movie came from the Harry Potter movies, and finally, we get to put them onto your walls. Using both theatrical images, Stills and GGI from the movies, we create the worlds best digitally produced wall murals custom made for you. 

If we have released a large selection of images to choose from, but, if you have an image in mind that you can't see, just contact us and we will search the Warner Bros. image database to see if we can find it for you. 


Update: Please note that these wall murals are no longer available. Head to our fantasy and sci-fi wall murals for similar products.

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Gina bottomley


Hi I'm looking for a wall mural, I have an image that I have found, how can I send this to you? Thanks Gina

Nicole @ Wallsauce.com


Hi Mike, I've just popped you an email regarding this message :)



I am looking for mural for my sons room. Ideally this would be an image of the Hogwarts Castle at night and would need to cover an area approx 2.8 meters wide x 2.2 meters high. Is this achievable?



I would like an image of Harry Potter flying over the lake on Buckbeak approximately 2m x 2m. Would this be possible? Thanks

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