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Bring the Garden Inside

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

Invite the outdoors inside with a beautiful and colourful garden wall mural. A stunning landscaped garden scene can really give your space a lift and there’s plenty of choice when it comes to the type of garden landscape.

For fans of formal gardens, the intricate and ornate palace gardens of Versailles could be just the thing, or alternatively if you prefer a more low key approach, there are mural options combining beautiful, more delicate spring flowers from much smaller English country gardens.

English Garden Mural

Landscape gardens wallpaper

If you like the idea of bringing a bit of warmth to your space, the calming effect of a Moorish palace garden or courtyard might be just your thing. Gentling swaying palms with water channels and pools of water alongside the beautiful and intricate architecture can create a relaxing and peaceful backdrop to your room. Try the gardens of the majestic Alhambra in Grenada, Spain for some inspiration!

Alhambra Palace Gardens

For lovers of classical fine art the myriad of garden landscape paintings might provide the ideal mural option, such as one of the many amazing impressionist masterpieces by Monet. For a peaceful and tranquil feel that's more oriental, colourful options include a beautiful japanese or asian garden with their gentle streams and delicate flowers. 

Oriental garden

japanese garden

For a modern touch of the Mediterranean with a Moorish influence, the bold blues and yellows of Le Jardin Majorelle in the atmospheric city of Marrakech will add a colourful tough to any space. More recently gifted to the city by Yves Saint Laurent, the gardens originally took French Painter Jacque Majorelle, 40 years of passion and dedication and create. 

Le Jardin Majorelle

Whatever type of garden appeals to you, a cutomised wall mural will have an uplifting and calming influence on your space. Other alternatives include the bright and colourful Dutch gardens and parks such as Keukenhof or the utterly charming gardens at Gordes in Provence to name by two. 

Dutch Flower Gardens Keukenhof

Provence Garden at Gordes



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