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Installing our wall murals is easy!

Wall murals are a great way to completely transform the look and feel of your room, quickly and easily. For ease, we recommend having 2 people to install the mural on your wall, so with the help of a friend over a couple of hours, transforming your room is simple. 

Materials: Our wall murals are very easy to install and come in a choice of 3 high quality materials. For more details on each material, just click the link.

Material Specifications


Basic Tips for Installation

  • Make sure your wall is clean and smooth and you have removed any fixtures and fittings. 
  • A clean, matt surface is ideal (not glossy). 
  • Ideally paint your wall white or off-white colour, so you have no bright or bold colours behind your new wall mural
  • Important - Leave your paint to dry for 2 to 3 weeks before installing your mural to allow any gasses within the paint to dissipate
  • Two people are best for the installation
  • Your mural panels are supplied in drops, like wallpaper. Check you've got them in the right order and they look right before you start. 

How to Install - Printed Instructions

With every wall mural order, you will receive a job sheet showing a picture of your wall mural with all the drops/panels displayed plus, a printed installation guide with instructions on how to install your mural. 

If you've misplaced your guide or wish to read the install instructions, click the relevant link below. 

Classic & Premium 'Paste the Wall' Wallpaper Mural


Peel & Stick (Self-Adhesive Fabric Wall Mural)


If you have any questions about installing your mural, please get in touch!




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