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The Alternative Gift Guide for Him

Posted by Nicole Yeardley

Put down the socks, tie and novelty mugs! Here’s the ultimate guide to alternative gifts for him.

The Secret to Retro Wallpaper

Posted by Nicole Yeardley

We speak to Toronto-based illustrator, Greg Mably on his retro wallpaper collection for Wallsauce

A Conversation with… Mark Bird

Posted by Nicole Yeardley

We speak to illustrator, Mark Bird on our wall mural collaboration and what influences his whimsical style

A Conversation With... Ellen Weinstein

Posted by Nicole Yeardley

Award-winning illustrator, Ellen Weinstein talks to us about her new wall mural collection, exclusively at Wallsauce.com

Happy Cat Wallpaper

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

They're not for everybody, but if you're just dotty about cats, big or small, bring a bit of happiness to your wall with a cat wallpaper mural. Here's just five to make you smile!

Add a Sense of Adventure

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

World Map wallpaper murals offer a stunning backdrop mural for many diferent types of spaces. Here are some of our latest additions to the Wallsauce collection. 

Bring the Garden Inside

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

Create the perfect feeling of calm and tranquility inside with a garden wallpaper mural of your choice. Perfect for homes, care environments, hospitals and many more places. 

Top 10 Forest and Tree Murals

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

If you're looking for some woodland mural inspiration, look no further. Here are some great ideas to help get you started. 

Stunning Waterfall Murals

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

Add some peace and tranquilty to your room with a stunning waterfall wall mural. Here's some great ideas to get you going!

Top 10 City Skyline Murals

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

Have you visited or live in a city that you just love? Recapture the excitement and atmosphere in a stunning city skyline wall murals. Here's 10 great ideas to get you started!

5 World Map Wall Mural Ideas

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

Thinking about a world map wall mural? Here's 5 great ideas on the types of world maps you could have as your wall decor!

Stunning Gustav Klimt Wall Murals

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

If you are a fan of Gustav Klimt, create a stunning 'made to measure' feature wall using some of his sensational artwork’s from our wall mural collection. 

1x Photography Partners with Wallsauce

Posted by Tony

1x is a curated photo library collection that has the world largest portfolio of curated photographs. Wallsauce.com and 1x have teamed up to offer 1x photography as 'made to measure' wall murals and custom wallpapers.

Wall mural inspiration for Dining Rooms

Posted by Nazma Noor

From fine art murals for formal dining rooms to relaxed, calming scenes for kitchens or open plan areas, whatever you choose to go with we've got an option to suit your space. 

Wall mural ideas for the gym

Posted by Nazma Noor

Create a real motivational environment at your gym with some stunning wall murals. Here are some great ideas to get you started!

Living Room Wallpaper Murals - 10 Ideas

Posted by Nazma noor

Create a living room with a wow factor! Here's 10 great ideas on living room wallpaper mural decor for this much loved room. 

Top 10 wall murals for bedrooms

Posted by Nazma Noor

Make a real statement in your bedroom and create the perfect environment for you. Here's 10 great bedroom wall mural ideas!

Farming & Countryside Wall Murals

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

If you love the countryside and all things flora and fauna, then a fabulous made to measure wall mural can bring the outdoors inside, whether at home or at work.

Beautiful Equestrian Wall Murals

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

If you just love horses and ponies, work in the equine industry or take part in a specific discipline such as show jumping, showing, dressage, enenting and more, then a fabulous 'made to measure' equestrian wallpaper mural is perfect for you.

Golf Wallpaper for Clubs and Business

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

Create an inpiring interior at your golf club with a stunning wall mural. These murals look great in pro shops, function rooms, golf retail, offices and more. 

Bridgeman Art – Masterpeices on a Whole New Scale

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

If you ever thought that creating wallpaper from your favourite masterpeice wasn't possible, then think again. Wallsauce can produce made to measure wallpaper that will fit your wall. 

5 Great Gifts for Batman Fans

Posted by Nazma Noor

If you’re gift shopping for a fan of the Dark Knight, here are 5 great gifts to help you pick out something they’ll love!

Care Home Wall Mural Decor

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

If you're looking for inspirational decor for your care home or nursing home, our themed wallpaper murals are an ideal way to help create a stimulating and more comfortable environment for your residents. 

5 Great Gifts For Burnley FC Fans

Posted by Nazma Noor

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a Burnley fan, then here's our gift guide to 5 great suggestions!



5 Great Gifts For DC Comics Fans

Posted by Nazma Noor

When it comes to buying gifts for DC Comics fans there is a massive choice, so to help you narrow it down here are 5 great gifts for them.

5 Greats Gifts For Scooby Doo Fans

Posted by Nazma Noor

With Scooby Doo fans everywhere, finding great gifts needn't be a chore with our handy gift guide. With ideas for all budgets, clcik through and check out our ideas!

5 Greats Gifts For Golf Fans

Posted by Nazma Noor

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the golfing enthusiast, then here's our quick guide to 5 inspired choices. From budget presents to more expensive options, there's plenty of golfing gifts to choose from. 

Star Trek Quiz

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

To celebrate almost 50 years of Star Trek, we’ve created a short Star Trek quiz focusing on the Original Series, Next Generation and the recent movies.

Can you make Trekkie grade and score 10 out of 10?

5 Great Gifts For Super Superman Fans

Posted by Nazma Noor

With a huge choice of Superman merchandise out there, we’ve narrowed down 5 our favourite gifts for Superman fans.

5 Great Gifts For Chelsea FC Fans

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

Here at Wallsauce.com we offer some sensational, official Chelsea FC wall murals and for all you Chelsea fans out there, here's some great gift alternatives. 

How Well Do You Know Hogwarts?

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

Our official Harry Potter wall murals are great for bedrooms and games rooms. If you're a fan why not test your Harry Potter knowledge and take our latest online quiz! 

5 Greats Gifts For Football Fans

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

Looking for the perfect present for a football mad person? Fortunately, the internet is a wonderful place for inspiration. Choosing gifts isn’t easy, so here we will take a look through five great options when buying for someone with a love for the ‘beautiful game’.

Lord of The Rings – Name The Battle Quiz!

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

We’ve put together a little picture quiz for all the LOTR fans out there – can you name the 10 battle scenes shown in the photos?

Take the quiz now – and be warned, some of these are a little tricky!

5 Great Gifts For Lord of the Rings Fans

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

Here are 5 fun gifts for fans of the epic fantasy novel turned phenomenal film series, Lord of the Rings. Stuck for something to buy, try one of these!



5 Great Gifts For Hobbit Fans

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

Looking for that special gift but struggling for ideas and inspiration? Sometimes, buying presents is hard work whoever you are buying it for, but if the recipient is a Hobbit fan then you can play to their niche. Here are 5 great gifts for any fan of The Hobbit. 

Use your own Photograph, Company Artwork or Illustration as a Custom Wallpaper Mural

Posted by Tony Fairhurst

Businesses and domestic customers often have their own great imagery they want to enlarge and use as wall art. From corporate artwork and product images to team building and event or family photos, you can create inspiring spaces at work or at home. Wallsauce provide an upload your own image service that enables you to convert your imagery into a custom made wall mural in just 3 easy steps. 

The Hobbit Quiz: How Many Dwarves Can You Name?

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

To celebrate the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies we’ve put together this quiz to test your Tolkien knowledge!

We’ve spent hours and hours with our main characters by this point, but can you actually name all of the company of dwarves? (We know that you know Thorin!)

Gaming and Fantasy Wall Murals and Canvas

Posted by Tony Fairhurst

All you Gamers out there, ever wonder how the graphics and artwork you see in the games you play gets created? Wonder who comes up with the characters, weapons, ships and other worlds? We do, as we work with two of the best; Philip Straub - Art Director at Warner Bros. Games and Simon Fetscher   a Gothenburg based freelance artist to the Gaming industry. 

Life Sized Wall Graphics, Wall Stickers and Decals

Posted by Tony Fairhurst

Life sized Wall Graphics, Stickers, Decals. whatever you call them, we have them; Batman, Superman, WonderWoman, Green Lantern, Captain Kirk, 7 of 9, Spock, Captain Picard, Harry Potter, Gandalf and many more. 

Country Life Wall Murals with Villager Jim

Posted by Andrew Gerraty

Stunning, charismatic and charming are the are the ony ways to describe this new collection of country life wall mural imagery from Derbyshire's very own 'Villager Jim'!

How to design a room with a city wall mural

Posted by Tony Fairhurst

Thinking about having a City themed room? Wondering how to create the effect you want? We thought we would share some examples of what some of our customers have done with their wallsauce City wall murals.

Wallsauce teams up with World of Superheroes.com

Posted by Tony

Wallsauce.com has the most iconic imagery of DC Comics, Star Trek and Harry Potter to name a few anywhere in the world, and worldofsuperheroes.com has the knowledge and the noise and the low down on all things Sci-fi and Superheroes. Together we make the Justice League of Geek. 

Wall Murals for Care Homes and Hospitals

Posted by Tony

Transform and enhance the environment of those requiring constant care with a wallsauce wall mural.Care homes are starting to use wall murals and digital wallpaper to create more engaging spaces within Care Homes. 

New Official 'The Dark Knight Rises' Wall Murals

Posted by Sam Wicks

Batman fans can already enjoy our offer of DC Comics Batman wall murals, and now you’re in for another treat...official new 'The Drak Knight Rises' wallpaper murals. 

Every Batman fan should have one!

New Justice League of America Wall Murals

Posted by Sam Wicks

Out Now...New 'made to measure' Justice League wall murals. Whether you're a fan of the Super Heroes or Super Villains, we've got some sensational murals for you! 

Create Your Own Mural

Posted by Tony Fairhurst

Custom create your own mural, using iconic imagery from D.C. Comics. Batman, The Joker and Robin are in your control, allowing you to create your own peice of wall art.

New Severine Pineaux Wall Murals

Posted by Sam Wicks

For all fans of the fantastical and lovers of nature, Severine Pineaux's work can provide you with some glorious wall murals for your home. 

Published many times in France, Severine's work is now available with Wallsauce.com

DIYSOS and Wallsauce

Posted by Tony Fairhurst

Wallsauce help DIYSOS with a worthy cause.

D.C. Comics and Sci-Fi wall murals and Decals

Posted by Tony Fairhurst

Ever wanted the most iconic comic book art on your wall, or a scene from your favourite film? Now you can......wallsauce.com is on official license partner of Warner Bros. and CBS, and can offer you the most stunning Comic book art and movie wall murals anywhere, we offer the best Wall Murals in town, custom made for you to your dimensions, read our latest blog for more!



Fine Art - Your Passion and Ours

Posted by Karim Webb

Wallsauce.com now offers an amazing collection of fine art masters through working with the famous Bridgeman Art Library. For the ultimate fine art experience at home, go for a giant wall mural. Image: Fulfilment (Stoclet Frieze) c.1905-09 Klimt, Gustav, 1905, Supplied by The Bridgeman Art Library


Fire Up Your Imagination

Posted by Andy Gerraty

If you've ever thought about creating a feature wall, then let your imagination run wild and consider what impact a wall mural might have! 

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